Feedback & Praise

Here are some words I’ve heard from audience members at our Trinity Arts concert

“This is the best concert I’ve ever heard!”



“I’ve never heard anything like this before. It was wonderful.”

“My eyes were opened to new expressions, and the Q&A during dinner made it all the more meaningful.”


“The musicians were so personable and open in their conversations with us.”

“A really ‘tight’ ensemble”

“The two composers blew me away.”

“I felt transported to South America.”

“What talent!”




Here are some quotes from the Outreach Music Program for the kids

From 2nd grade:
“I liked hearing the cello and watching her make all of the different sounds.”
-Aiden, age 8

“The program was so, so cool! It reminded me of listening to my Grandpa play the piano.”
-August, age 7

“I loved it! It was neat to hear all of the instruments play together.”
-Keyair, age 7

“The guitar was my favorite instrument. He moved his hands so fast!”
-Dasan, age 8

“The music was amazing! It made me feel happy.”
-Makaya, age 7

“Watching our children get swept away with the music was priceless. Helping them to extend that experience to learning across the curriculum was an added blessing.”
-Ms. Pruitt, grade 2 teacher


From 3rd grade:
“I think the best part was the song they dedicated to someone they knew. That music was cool!”
-Dean, age 9

“I liked the beats of the song and listening to the music.”
-Cartel, age 9

“My children were amazed at the instruments and the different moods music could make you feel.”
-Mrs. Prentice, 3rd grade teacher

“I liked hearing musicians from different countries.”
-Javier, age 10

“I thought was nice that they came from far away to play music for us.”
-Joseph, age 9

“I liked how the piano sounded.”
-Journey, age 9

“I bless and thank them for letting us listen to their music.”
-Jonathan, age 10

“My students enjoyed listening to the different sounds and music the instruments made.”
-Mrs. Farmer, 3rd grade teacher


From 4th grade:
“The music was great! I learned that the different instruments played very different sounds.”

“The sounds made me cry!”

“The songs were good!”

“I liked the whole thing! I enjoyed seeing the different instruments and learning the names of different instruments.”

“The sounds were peaceful!”

“Our students enjoyed learning about the different types of music played in various parts of the world. They realized that the language of the instruments was the same even though different languages could be spoken in those countries. The emotional connection presented with some of the songs left a lasting impression on my students. We truly appreciate this amazing opportunity!”
-Suzanne Kozy, 4th Grade Teacher