Upcoming Concerts

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Reprise of “Fandango” and Premiere of the “Fort Point Channel Concerto”

Boston Virtuosi received a Watersheet activation grant for the first multi-media concert on Atlantic Wharf. This concert was designed to promote the district’s cultural vitality with live music.  The ensemble has applied for the Watersheet Activation grant again.

We are seeking funding to repeat the concert and create a high-quality video that could be used by stake-holders to promote the district.

Boston Properties has kindly offer to host us again at Atlantic Wharf. Gillette has also offered Gillette Park as an additional venue, with free parking and lighting support. The video will likely be shot at both venues, with the Fort Point Channel Concerto shot at Gillette.

The Fort Point Channel Concerto will be commissioned for the ensemble for this second concert. Boston Virtuosi composer and guitarist Claudio Ragazzi has just won a Grammy award for his CD with Pablo Zeigler and we are pleased to have him as a partner in this project. The performance will feature string quartet, guitar, piano and five professional dancers whose movements are each paired with and inspired by a specific musician, as directed by Fort Point choreographer Kristen Fumarola. Each dancer will be dressed in the same color as their corresponding musician. They will move in space only when and how that musician plays a phrase, i.e., a red “cello” dancer, yellow “violin” dancer etc. The colors chosen will reflect the color of the sound of each instrument. The standard concept of ballet, musicians accompanying dancers, is turned upside down. The dancers will all have studied the score and will know their musician’s part. This creates a blending of artistic mediums, where each instrument is individually interpreted in a dance, which is also part of a larger, cohesive performance piece, which is a powerful outreach vehicle for children who have never had the opportunity to see a live performance.

The overarching goal is to create a Fort Point “branded” concert series, only available in this rich and creatively diverse cultural district. The concept of integrating visual art components in these concerts, along with the crossover between classical, non-classical and music with an ethnic identity will create a truly unique destination event. We believe this to be a valuable opportunity to create healthy high-quality evening activity in the district, contributing to the upward spiral of the Fort Point and Seaport Neighborhoods. The many financial district commuters might be enticed to stay a while after work and contribute to the local South Boston economy. The video will be made available to the office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Boston Chamber of Commerce and other tourism organizations. We will offer it to schools, especially those in underserved communities that don’t have money for a music program and will create an outreach program based on our “Fandago” Project.