Friends of Fort Point Channel Summer Concert Series

Boston Virtuosi musicians are exceptionally skilled with non-classical articulations and styles, as was evidenced by the extraordinary range of the concerts listed below. They play with many of the major organizations in Boston, including the Boston Pops, Masterworks Chorale, Boston Classical and Handel Hayden Society orchestras.

The string quartet performed in the series on June 25th. Musicians were: Rebecca Katsenes, Jane Hemenway violins, Scoot Woolweaver Viola, Cameron Sawzin Cello.

The eclectic program ranged from Mozart Divertimento #3 and Bluegrass tune “Dawg’s Bull to “Layla” by Eric Clapton with red-hot tangos, bluegrass and a taste of Cole Porter in between.

Fabulous Argentinean guitarist and composer Claudio Ragazzi, pianist Fernando Michelin, violinist Gerry Mordis and cellist Cameron Sawzin performed on the July 9th Concert. Claudio recently wrote several pieces for the film score for Francis Ford Copplola’s latest film and played all the guitar on it as well. Cameron has recorded several of his compositions for the PBS show “Nova”. This very unusual concert was a mixture of sophisticated tango, jazz/fusion and contemporary music, featuring beautiful tunes and infectious rhythmic patterns. Claudio arranged all the music for this ensemble. The Ensemble will continue to perform together at future concerts as will the Channel Cello Band the String Quartet.

Boston Virtuosi musicians are developing collaborations with other ensembles, and the rock-out electric cello concert on July 16th featuring the cello chix included wild arrangements of “Dollars and Sense” by Radio Head, “Whipping Post” by the Allman Brothers and “Kashmir” by Led Zepplin. The kinder, gentler first half included elegant acoustic and tonally rich classical music with the unique sound of a cello quartet. On the program were an arrangement of the slow movement of the Brahms Violin Concerto, and a wonderful version of the Mozart Sonata for two Pianos. Also featured were several of Susanna Porte’s very cello-friendly Beatles arrangements.

The final concert on August 20th will be The New England Brass, led by amazing Boston Virtuosi principal trumpet player Jay Daly. More information about the series is available by visiting